Roly the pineapple is a fun loving character, whose only problem is that he reckons he knows everything. When he's telling stories, this pineapple can run circles around anyone. Even though his nutty imagination often means that he gets into scrappy situations.  


Kumba helps the Fruitties find their new home. She is of great assistance to the community when they set up their new home in the forest. Friendly and inquisitive, her open nature often gets her and the Fruitties into difficult situations from which the inventive banana, Pak, often has to save them.


Banana in form, practical in reality. He is a must for expeditions because of his nature and because he always carries a backpack that he can pull almost anything out of. When faced with danger, he can always find something to make sure his friends never fail and are saved, often by the skin of their teeth.  


Thorny the cactus is a really prickly character, even though his absent minded nature can be a thorn in the side of his friends. When he should be awake and fending off potential aggressors, he is dozing off somewhere, which makes all his friends go nuts.


Always together and always arguing, the Wild Boars' main objective is to eat The Fruitties. A typical couple of "bad guys", in which one is the boss and the other carries out his orders... which usually gives room for a whole range of disastrous situations. Especially since amongst their aptitudes and intelligence or the most basic common sense cannot be found.  


A couple formed by Monkus, the wicked eccentric monkey, and his aid, the clumsy and inept Gorila. Monkus' aim in life is to conquer the world and impose his own rules with a typical "evil" attitude. However, his plans never seem to succeed, as Gorila with his usual lack of skill and wit always contributes to their failure.

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